360 Degrees Financial Solutions, LLC is a small financial services company inspired by its co-owners, Keith & Kim, to provide financial services to individuals and small businesses with care and respect. The owners have worked in multiple industries, in various accounting/finance capacities during their respective careers. Wanting to provide a platform to contribute to their social network, they decided to put their diverse experiences to use in a company of their own conception. 360 provides accounting/bookkeeping, tax preparation and consulting to individuals as well as small businesses.

Kimberly Gregory, CEO
Kimberly has watched the level of service from chain tax preparation companies go down while their service fees continue to rise. She started 360 to offer quality financial services with pride and honesty. Kimberly is a 30 year accounting/finance professional with a broad career track. She has a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management from Devry and an M.A.F.M. with a concentration in Accounting & Finance from Keller Graduate School of Management. She has held several accounting/finance titles within local government, non-profit organizations as well as for-profit corporations. She has extensive experience with fund accounting, payroll administration and taxation. Her experience will help the company to keep the business, and its clients, abreast of new taxation requirements.  She will also leverage her local government/non-profit experience/contacts to win accounting business bids in that community.

Keith C. Crape, COO
Keith is looking to utilize 360 as a platform to provide accounting services and knowledge to an often overlooked market. The individual tax and small business bookkeeping market is populated with potential customers wanting respect from their service provider. Keith is a 20 year accounting/finance professional with a progressive career track. He holds Bachelor of Science in Financial Management from The Ohio State University and a M.B.A. with a concentration in Finance from Franklin University. He has held several roles across different industries including local government, chemical, logistics and manufacturing. Keith has had fiduciary responsibly for annual revenues up to $100+ million dollars annually. His experience will serve him well and help 360 control cost and mitigate the risk of over leveraging company assets. He will certainly ensure value in 360s service offerings.

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